The Influence of the Zodiac

Can the cosmos really predict future events? Do the stars and planets truly affect your personality?

These are questions that mankind has been asking since the beginning of time. In fact, there is evidence that our ancestors were tracking the movement of astral bodies as much as twenty-five thousand years ago, by etching lunar cycles on the walls of caves.

But the moon isn’t the only astral body that has influence in our lives. In fact, this is the reason that astrology continues to be so popular – understanding your natal chart and the planets’ energies can offer you great insight into who you are, why you do what you do and how you can achieve the greatest levels of success.

The influence that people are most familiar with is, of course, their sun sign. This sign represents the constellation that the Sun was in when you were born. Also known as your Ascendant Sign, your sun-sign represents the “You” that is shown to the outside world.

Now, because the planets are always moving, the “chart” will rotate as well and for this reason, the zodiac is depicted on a wheel that is read in counter-clockwise procession. The wheel is broken up into twelve segments, each representing thirty degrees of our astrological sky and although traditional calendars treat January 1st as the beginning of the year, the astrological wheel begins with March 21st, the Spring Equinox that marks new beginnings. This is why Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.

In addition to your Sun Sign, your Moon sign (that is, where the Moon was located when you were born) reflects the hidden, emotional side of you and together with the Sun-Sign, can give you great insight into your personality.

Now, your Sun Sign and Moon Sign aren’t the only influences at play in astrology. In addition to these two basic components, you also have twelve “houses”, each governing a different aspect of your life.

1st House - Self
2nd House – Money & Material Wealth
3rd House - Communication & Transportation
4th House - Home & Family
5th House - Children, Creativity, Romance
6th House - Health & Service
7th House – Relationships – Marriage & Partnerships
8th House - Death & Rebirth - Transformation
9th House – Travel and Mental Expansion
10th House - Career & Ambition
11th House – Aspirations & Social Status
12th House – Karma and Spiritual Path

And although the signs will "move" on the wheel to follow the planets' rotation, the houses will remain static so that your ascendant sign is always in your First House. This means that if your Sun Sign is Taurus, then your First House of Self is also in Taurus. Someone born under the sign of Capricorn on the other hand, would find that it is their Fifth House of Creativity that resides in the constellation of Taurus.

The reason that these houses are so important is that they help you understand the planets’ influences as they move through the sky.

When reading your horoscope for example, you might see that Jupiter is now in Aries or Saturn has lined up in Aquarius. Knowing which house is ruled by that constellation tells you what aspect of your life will be affected by that planet’s energy.

And yes – each planet has its own unique energy as well. Saturn for example, is the planet of limitations and responsibility while Pluto is the planet of transformation and Uranus is the planet that governs change. Understanding the planets’ energies as well as the aspects of the houses will help you navigate current and future events to your advantage.

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